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Changing Faces

Changing Faces is the national charity that helps people with
facial and body disfigurements. 

Working alongside Geoff Dodds, we spent more than a year consulting with staff, clients,
volunteers, trustees and other key stakeholders to develop a new and powerful brand
and identity that speaks to the change the charity seeks.


The new butterfly identity symbolises endurance, change, hope, and life.
Sentiments held the world over.

The bright geometric and asymmetrical design is deliberately at odds with a butterfly’s
natural patterns and forms part of a simple but bold brand system, that intuitively create
a range of vibrant, life affirming expressions. It reinforces the charity's ability to be an
organisation capable of showing warmth, energy, positivity and strength.

Taking our cue from the logo, we created a series of paper-cut inspired illustrations
to help convey some difficult themes in a friendly, non judgemental way.


Having built the brand on the idea of 'lives fully lived', we were able to develop
a new campaign to capture a social tension and long-held myth: namely that people with
disfigurements are not able to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

The new campaign picked up on the charity's long standing call for Face Equality
and treating people equally and fairly irrespective of their appearance.
We wanted to show the strength and positivity of the people the charity has helped
over the years and used the word 'unconditionally' to reaffirm their own approach to living life.

Photography by Yakub Merchant

Leeds 10k run photography by Simon Ross