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Street League

Street League is one of the fastest growing charities in the UK,
focused on ending youth unemployment by helping young people get back
into education, training or full-time work.

Diversifying from just football and with a new strategy approved,
we were appointed to work with the senior team to redefine their brand and deliver
a new identity to help attract more staff and volunteers, win over more partners
and employers to advance the cause and become a magnet for anyone attracted
to the principles and values we stand for. Not least, to improve their ability
to motivate more young people onto their programmes.


Shields have, the world over, symbolised strength, protection, hope, salvation
and of course they have strong associations with sport.

The new logo was inspired by the charity's unique combination of education and sport.
And so, by bringing together the idea of a School Prefect’s badge with a symbol of
sporting heritage we created an identity that is recognised and remembered
for the very issues Street League focuses on

The new design means it now transcends both football and gender.
And, as we continue to grow, we’ve developed a system to ensure it can
become synonymous with every sport the charity embraces.

The stripes within the shield implicitly reflect the language of sport,
bringing balance and adding depth. When supersized, they form the basis of a bold
visual style that captures the energy of the charity and its staff as an organisation
that is modern, youthful and vibrant and in touch with the
very people who matter most.