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21 Oriana House, Victory Place
London E14 8BQ
United Kingdom

Creative strategy for businesses and brands. We help companies make the most of opportunities created by changing markets and environments

Strictly Financial

As their name implies, Strictly Financial specialise in qualitative research
for the financial industry and have an outstanding reputation in the sector,
but with an identity that had been with them from day one, it wasn't
doing justice to their work or their standing. 

Qualitative research is all about interpreting conversations,
looking for the common themes to be able to find a way to the
underlying  issues and ultimately a solution. 

The new logo was informed by the partners' ability to find their way through
the complexities of different perspectives and develop clear and focused
recommendations for their clients, hence the influence of the maze
within the monogram. It also needed to be an identity that felt familiar
to heavyweight financial businesses whilst retaining a hint of
creativity and energy reflected in their work. 

We've applied the new identity across the business including a
range of templates and a new website, built by our friends at King.