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I thought there would be cake and other hand written wisdoms

Nigel Hillier

With this being an election year and the mud slinging having already begun (did it ever really stop?) I happened to come across an article recently about what had happened to the Occupy Movement. And it struck me that hardly any of the problems and issues that had been at the forefront of the numerous protests - financial or political - had really been addressed, let alone resolved. Big businesses are still jumping through tax loopholes; Corporate miscreants still have their bonus cheques arriving this month, and our own political parties still enjoy suburban apathy when it comes to serious questioning of their political or moral performance.

Yet the ideas and principles behind those protests three years ago hit a nerve, capturing peoples attention and imagination in a way unlike anything since... Italia 90, Pavarotti and Gazza's tears. 

Joking aside, there were some great ideas expressed through their hand written wisdoms with humour, tone and intelligence that still hit many of the current social, financial and political nails on the head. They made me think and made me laugh out loud and many are just as relevant today as they were back in 2011.

As the party campaigns begin to take shape in the coming weeks, I wonder if any will be as emotionally engaging, intelligent or authentic as what we saw written and painted on those home made billboards. 

Too big to fail is too big to allow.

If a company were a person it would be a sociopath.

12.5% of the planets have 71% of the mass. Occupy Jupiter!

The movement is the message.

I love humanity. Let’s figure this shit out together.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying to change the world.

Now is the winter of our discount tents.

We the people. Not we the consumers.

You can’t evict an idea.

Dear Capitalism, it’s us, not you. Just kidding, it’s you.

Dear 1%, we fell asleep for a while. Just woke up, sincerely, the 99%.

We apologise for the inconvenience during these global improvement works.

No bears, no bulls, just pigs.

Lost my job. Found an occupation.

Don’t worry Daily Mail, we don’t take you seriously either.

Second time I’ve fought for my country. First time I’ve known my enemy.

The revolution will not be privatised.

Put politicians on minimum wage.
See how fast things change.

I am 5 years old so basically I’m here for the face painting.

To work for a purpose, not a living.

It was either this, or the hoovering.